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Image of DVD label for video title "Preparing for a Piper Cub Road Trip"
Preparing for a
Piper Cub Road Trip
Run time: 40 minutes

Join me, Fred Shultz, as I spend a day helping Charlie Kulp remove the wings and tail group from his Piper Cub, then load it on his flatbed trailer in preparation for one of his many road trips to perform at distant air shows.

Picture of Charlie Kulp flying his Piper Cub over the Flying Circus Aerodrome in Bealeton, Virginia.

Charlie's first video DVD puts you front row center for his entire performance, as you would have seen it on his 80th Birthday, September 2005. As an added bonus, it gives you a pilot's eye view of his performance.

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  Label of Charlie's 80th Birthday Video DVD.
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If you have seen Charlie Kulp perform, you will want this DVD to enjoy again the thrills and fun of watching his Flying Farmer act.

Haven't seen Charlie Kulp? This DVD may be your only opportunity to see his entire performance, as if you were right there at The Flying Circus Airshow on his 80th birthday, because Charlie retired at the end of the 2007 season.

Image of Charlie Kulp's Piper Cub aircraft on a flat-bed trailer being towed away from the Flying Circus Aerodrome by Charlie in his car. The wings are removed and mounted on either side with the underside of each wing facing the Cub.

When Charlie Kulp traveled to air shows, he often towed his Cub on his custom made flatbed trailer.

Charlie and I are carrying the Cub's right wing to a safe place until it's time to rack it up on the trailer.

Here, we have removed the right wing from Charlie's Cub and we are carrying it to a staging area.

After the left wing is off, I show you closeup views of the attachment point.

Throughout the video, I show you closeups of important elements, like this wing spar attachment.